Top Tanzania safari Destinations

Tanzania Safari Destinations | Where to Go in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of Africa’s top safari destinations, Tanzania has two main safari circuits, The Northern Safari Circuit and The Southern Circuit.

The southern safari circuit provides distant animal encounters away from the tourists. Ruaha National Park, Nyerere National Park, Udzungwa National Park, Gombe National Park, Udzungwa National Park, Kitulo National Park, and Mikumi National Park are all part of it.

The Northern Tanzania Safari Destinations is made up of top-famed parks namely Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Kilimanjaro Mountain, Tarangire National Park,Lake Manyara National Park, Arusha National park.

Best Time to Visit Tanzania?

Actually there is no right or wrong time to visit this lovely Tanzania Circuit, the games and activities here a basically throughout the year. There really is no right or wrong time to visit this well-loved country but as a rule of thumb, the dry season (from late June to October) is the most popular time for a Tanzania safari with all the trimmings.

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Tanzania Safari Destinations

Climb to the top of African Roof

Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain rising 19,340 ft (5,895m). The highest free-standing mountain in the country. It is also one of the seven summits, the seventh highest point on any continent in the world. If you are physically fit, you can ascend Mount Kilimanjaro to reach the summit (Uhuru Mountain 5,895m) and view out over Africa. Our Kilimanjaro climbing tours are planned at the strongly recommended lead of high altitude performance

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