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Tanzania Mid-range Safaris and Tours remain the most common choice for tourists in Tanzania offering the best wildlife viewing and overnight at the tented camps.

Tented camps (Mid-Range) are situated in major Tanzania’s most remote and untouched wilderness areas, and focus on the region’s plentiful wildlife. They typically offer a wide range of safari activities by which to explore the magic of the African bush, with a focus on discovering wildlife in its natural environment.

Staying at a tented camp safaris (Mid-Range) is not to be confused with “camping” in any way. In our collection, all tented safari camps feature, at least large canvas rooms with real beds and private bathroom facilities (including full plumbing). Tented safari camps differ from very relaxed to extremely glamorous and classy, most tented safari camps do not have telecommunications or internet access, air conditioning due to their remote locations

The distinguishing quality of a tented camp safaris (Mid-Range) is that tented safari camps have rooms with canvas walls (compared to a safari lodge as lodges has bricks). They are usually situated further into the wilderness and since there is less physical distance between you and African nature, they promote a stronger feeling of relation to the wilderness – at night you hear the animal noises and smell the fresh, sweet African air.

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