Kilimanjaro packing lists

Kilimanjaro packing lists

Kilimanjaro packing lists is the guideline of all gears that you need to pack for your Kilimanjaro trekking tours. We have stores in Arusha where you can hire some items but please let us know in advance. This recommended packing list can make your shopping and packing easier if you print it out & tick at the box once you pack a specific item.

Tanzania Safaris, Tours, Trips, Holidays for 2023/2024

Optional Items to add on Kilimanjaro packing lists:

  • Camera
  • Paperback book
  • Journal with pen or pencil
  • Person First Aid Kit (band aids, mole skin or second skin, Ibuprofen, Aspirin)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sani-wipes
  • Hand & feet warmers (2X) – Gel/ air activated are best
  • Bandanna
  •  Cell phone (with solar charger e.g. solar monkey charger) since you tri and quad band phones work on Kilimanjaro
  • Flavored chocolate/energy bars for snacks
  • A supply or rehydrate sachets
  • 2 extra garbage bags for waterproofing and separating dirty laundry
  •  Ear plugs
  •  iPod or MP3 player
  •  Pocket knife
  •  Water-flavoring to mask the iodine taste in the purified water
Tanzania Safaris, Tours, Trips, Holidays for 2023/2024

For Your Kilimanjaro packing lists always look for items that will add less volume to your overall pack. We will be using porters to carry our equipment however they are limited in the amount each can carry. Heavy synthetic materials will be very limiting and could cause issues when packing up for the hike.

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