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From the beginner to the professional, being out in the bush is a great place to let your creativity loose through the medium of your camera: the landscapes, the wildlife, the people, the light the sheer range of photographic potential is staggering.

If you like wildlife shooting, before making an investment in your next ultimate safari experience in Tanzania, there are a few things you should remember.

It is important that your guide is committed to photography and knows the technological aspects of taking a good picture of wildlife. For example, vehicle placement is crucial since it guarantees the best angle in any given situation for you and your camera. In order to optimize the time for fantastic light and nature activity, the guide must also be committed to getting up early and keeping out late. It’s also critical that the safari vehicle has enough space, as it may become awkward to run bulky equipment in a car full of other visitors.

The Tanzania Photographic Safari jeep has the requisite charging facilities, computers, extra batteries, and other bulky and costly devices are what you would need to bring with you.

Speak to us about the tools you need to consider and how your camera should be prepared and secured during Tanzania Photographic Safari and short flights.

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